The Wiscon-Sing DVD Project

The Wiscon-Sing DVD Project

David has performed Wiscon-Sing for over 30 years in state schools and libraries.  It was performed over 300 times statewide during the 1998 Wisconsin Sesquicentennial and over a thousand times over the years.

This a professionally videotaped DVD is now available of the entire program making Wiscon-Sing to schools, libraries, and historical societies who can no longer bring in the live performance. 

More information go to http://www.davidhbdrake.com/wisconsing.htm

An American Songbag

Summer Library Reading Program 2014

Davidís songs sparkle with Americaís beauty and traditions
in a good old summertime family celebration sure to light up you life . 
David introduces an explosion of handmade instruments including
mountain banjo, dulcimer, concertina, and Native American Flute. 
The program will include the stories behind Yankee Doodle and
the Star Spangled Banner, written 200 years ago this year.

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Jennifer Esh and David HB Drake

Jennifer Esh and David HB Drake
Healthy, happy, and still going strong!
Photo: Mary Kay Fruga

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