Songs for All Seasons


300 DPI Images

David playing handmade banjo (also pictured: dulcimer, concertina and Native American Flute).
Photographer unknown.

David playing concertina (also pictured: dulcimer, banjo and Native American Flute).
Photographer unknown.

David playing for Earth Day.  Photo credit Tim Yanasak.

David playing at the Chicago Tall Ships Festival.  Photo credit : Scott Graham

David playing dulcimer. Photo credit: Michael RA Drake.

David playing concertina. Photo credit: Sky Schultz.

David HB Drake - Actor/Model headshot. Photo credit: www.realtalentinc.com.

Various DPI Images

David performing at Irish Fest Milwaukee. Photographer unknown.

David and Pete Seeger. Photo credit: K. Morgan.

Autographed Photo for kids. Photo credit Betty Salamun.

"Wiscon-Sing." Photo credit: Tim Cowling.

David at All-Star Fan Fest 2002. Photographer unknown.

David at Old Falls Village Festival June 25, 2006. Photographer Unknown.

"Wiscon-sing" school show - Sheboygan, WI, May 2006. Photographer unknown.

Graybeard the Pirate at MSO Kinder concert 2007. Photographer unknown.

David as Carrie O'Tunne at Irish Fest 2006, Milwaukee WI. Photo credit: Kim, the Ivy Lady.

David at Pier Wisconsin Maritime Days. Photo credit: Jean Andrew Dickmann.

David as an Irish bard - St Patrick's Day. Photographer unknown.

Graybeard the Ancient Mariner holding forth - Port Washington Pirate Festival. Photo credit: Brian Conrad.

The Singing Santa. Photo credit: Cherryhill Photos.

Many more photos can be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidhbdrake

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