Songs for All Seasons

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David performing songs from his WISCON-SING program on YouTube:

Wiscon-Sing Sampler video:  https://youtu.be/lkulk1Vc-Tw
Interview on Wisconsin Public Television at:

The entire Wisconsin program is available (one song at a time):
Wisconsin's Got to Me
Rivers Of Wisconsin
Kingdom Come
When I First Came to this Land
Big Bevans Mine
Lovely Agnes
Jon Jonson
Lumberjack's Alphabet
Cranberry Bog Song
Where are you Bound
Many Many Cows
On Wisconsin

David in concert at Lake Country Folk Club (2012) on YouTube:

A Dance Tonight/ Roseville Fair
God's Great Northern Forest
Shenandoah (Story)
The Hayward Muskie
The Ghostly Ship
The Bratwurst Pirates
Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Other locations:
The Daily Grind 
The Homecoming Waltz
So Long, Pete 

David performing Songs from Potluck on YouTube:

Gather the Family
Music in my Mother's House
Campfire Song Medley
Grandma's Patchwork Quilt
Can You? (Story)
Dance Medley
America Medley

David performing sea songs from the Chicago Maritime Festival on YouTube:

Storm on the River
The Ghostly Ship
Where are you Bound?
Living Gale
The Bratwurst Pirates
John Cherokee
Haul on the Bowline  https://youtu.be/vtueZdRAN88
Wild Goose Ranzo  https://youtu.be/qcR55oPFzko
Safe in the Harbor ( with Lee Murdoch and Tom Kastle)  https://youtu.be/Tm94EVkv6cg
Blue Peter  https://youtu.be/C3HMm4cT71w

David performing Songs from Heartland (Illinois History) on YouTube:
The entire Heartland program is available (one song at a time):

Illinois Has Got To Me
Native Americans in Illinois
Rivers of Illinois
Kingdom Come
Land of Lincoln
Illinois (State Song)
Daddy, What's a Train?
Where are you Bound?
Shoulder to Shoulder
Hot Time in the Old Town

David performing Songs from The Illustrated Song on YouTube:

This Little Light of Mine    https://youtu.be/97RnyVj7eP0
A Place in the Choir  https://youtu.be/DpTR8-ALXws
Garden Song   https://youtu.be/JXz5Did43BM

David performing Songs for Christmas on YouTube:

O Joseph
Go Tell it on the Mountain
For The Singing Santa
What do I see on my Christmas Tree
The Marvelous Toy
Let there be Light : https://youtu.be/1sRc6iXeOb4

David performing Songs from "A Joyful Noise" on YouTube:

A Meeting Here Tonight
Give Yourself to Love
Shine on Me!
The Faith of Man
Do you have a Dream?/We Shall Overcome Medley

David performing Songs as "The Singing Santa" on YouTube:

Deck the Halls  https://youtu.be/JmobFpgHes8  
Up on the House Top  https://youtu.be/PRXCAwOO_aM
What do I see on my Christmas Tree?  https://youtu.be/JlG2PVdZDlg
Winter Wonderland  https://youtu.be/X25Qc6xm1es
Twelve Days of Christmas   https://youtu.be/1jfWelGcZ0E
The Marvelous Toy  https://youtu.be/f8jhlZAfgME
The Friendly Beasts  https://youtu.be/4vOXPDp1h3g
Silver Bells  https://youtu.be/MIet1_SEdr0
Jolly Old St Nicholas  https://youtu.be/FMDkRxiesWM
Little Drummer Boy  https://youtu.be/5p9Vzpp9T9M
Merry Christmas Medley  https://youtu.be/aw-5aNFJX8c

David performing at the Joe Hill 100th Anniversary Concert:

I'm the Man that Built the Bridges: https://youtu.be/oei0TxN_4dY
They're taking it Away  https://youtu.be/HHhN1qiv6hM

David doing an interview about his instruments at Holiday Folk Fair:  Interview

David presenting a book on Ben Hunt and playing "Whittlin' Jim": https://youtu.be/F6cGq2Trexs

David performing with Dangerous Folk:  Dangerous Folk Sampler


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