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In Concert
Blowing in the Wind
The Illustrated Song*
Singing Santa*
A Joyful Noise
October Country Concert
Father's Day Concert
Sing a Song of Springtime
American Songbag
Animal Faire*
Dangerous Folk
Searching for a Better World***
*Childen's Programs
**State History Programs


Online Interviews and Articles:

Simply Folk / WPR : https://www.wpr.org/david-hb-drake

Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel: http://www.jsonline.com/entertainment/musicandnightlife/wiscon-sing-live-show-captured-on-cd-b9990592z1-222561451.html

Wiscon-Sing ~
A multimedia history of Wisconsin

Wiscon-Sing Sampler video:  https://youtu.be/lkulk1Vc-Tw

Interview on Wisconsin Public Television at:

The entire Wiscon-Sing program from a live performance, presented in Chapters:

1    Wisconsin's got to Me                      https://youtu.be/DJhVurRzVsA
2    Early History                                    https://youtu.be/CeHKzXzHJWc
3    Rivers of Wisconsin                          https://youtu.be/xVWuMG_sDX0
4    Kingdom Come                                https://youtu.be/mAcsP4sp8ek
5    When I First came to This Land        https://youtu.be/xOUBVYdErCo
6    Big Bevens Mine                               https://youtu.be/ZlcXMOtsEWQ
7    Lovely Agnes                                    https://youtu.be/XL3-arMUKlQ
8    Jon Jonson                                        https://youtu.be/c81pWKjJ0Ds
9    Lumberjack's Alphabet                     https://youtu.be/3u5gnTWXa50
10  Cranberry Bog Song                         https://youtu.be/8eiimtIany0
11  Where are you Bound?                     https://youtu.be/jupwn7qqqYc
12  Many, Many Cows                           https://youtu.be/9FhucSX9PIk
13  On Wisconsin                                   https://youtu.be/2PCEMg9DHV8

In Concert ~
Videos from various live venues

A Dance Tonight/ Roseville Fair
God's Great Northern Forest
Shenandoah (Story)
The Hayward Muskie
The Ghostly Ship
The Bratwurst Pirates
Canadian Railroad Trilogy
The Daily Grind 
The Homecoming Waltz
So Long, Pete 

Joe Hill 100th Anniversary Concert
I'm the Man that Built the Bridges:                                https://youtu.be/oei0TxN_4dY
They're taking it Away                                                    https://youtu.be/HHhN1qiv6hM

Holiday Folk Fair 

Ben Hunt book / "Whittlin' Jim"                                   https://youtu.be/F6cGq2Trexs

Blowing in the Wind ~
Folk classics with singalong slides

If I had A Hammer                                          https://youtu.be/01_F8TMfw4c
Times they are A’changin                              https://youtu.be/OQYOHTyk_lw
M.T.A.                                                               https://youtu.be/zimD61VroRg
City of New Orleans                                       https://youtu.be/npolw8XdzX0
Day-O                                                                https://youtu.be/jL-H8vsEFMc
Rambling Boy                                                  https://youtu.be/l3YcdilaMto
Big Yellow Taxi                                               https://youtu.be/YqQ84HGwHW0
Country Roads                                                 https://youtu.be/EuJJPZecuPo
The Boxer                                                          https://youtu.be/YhdE0oiXvcA
Campfire Songs                                                https://youtu.be/IS9DyRaj37Q 

The Illustrated Song ~
Children's books made from Folk Songs

This Little Light of Mine                                             https://youtu.be/C_bCBRoPEZ4
A Place in the Choir                                                     https://youtu.be/eZRLLHf8HXg
I've been Working on the Railroad                            https://youtu.be/p4IkhaJAuXE
Yankee Doodle                                                              https://youtu.be/c6h74VfkWAQ
Inch by Inch (The Garden Song)                                  https://youtu.be/YCj6H5WRcYk
Jennifer's Rabbit                                                             https://youtu.be/RP9MsnsdJqA
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star                                        https://youtu.be/v-n4C7STmz8
Grandma's Patchwork Quilt                                        https://youtu.be/j46KUaSEX9o
The Marvelous Toy                                                       https://youtu.be/ojW4WhGk0p8
My Favorite Things                                                       https://youtu.be/N0Jn9BUsy-o
There was an Old Woman who swallowed a Fly     https://youtu.be/76g4cZXAqeY
Teddy Bear's Picnic                                                       https://youtu.be/86d1CePxUQc
Puff, The Magic Dragon                                                https://youtu.be/il0Ua70OAq0
What a Wonderful World                                             https://youtu.be/9ATUCA1d9bs
This Land is Your Land                                                https://youtu.be/ERUTLQOMf7w

Maritime ~
Chicago Maritime Festival and other Tall Ship festivals

Storm on the River
The Ghostly Ship
Where are you Bound?
Living Gale
The Bratwurst Pirates
John Cherokee
Haul on the Bowline  https://youtu.be/vtueZdRAN88
Wild Goose Ranzo  https://youtu.be/qcR55oPFzko
Safe in the Harbor ( with Lee Murdoch and Tom Kastle)  https://youtu.be/Tm94EVkv6cg
Blue Peter  https://youtu.be/C3HMm4cT71w

Potluck ~
A live program at a Senior Center

MrDHBD Channel at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY_DlhWQTtbxRbxkI8Oo_7A

Gather the Family
Music in my Mother's House
Campfire Song Medley
Grandma's Patchwork Quilt
Can You? (Story)
Dance Medley
America Medley

Heartland ~
Multimeida musical history of Illinois

MrDHBD Channel at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY_DlhWQTtbxRbxkI8Oo_7A

The entire Heartland program from a live performance, presented in Chapters:

1    Illinois Has Got To Me
2    Native Americans in Illinois
3    Rivers of Illinois
4    Kingdom Come
5    Land of Lincoln
6    Illinois (State Song)
7    Daddy, What's a Train?
8    Where are you Bound?
9    Shoulder to Shoulder
10  Hot Time in the Old Town
11  El-a-noy

Christmas ~
Adult Christmas songs

O Joseph
Go Tell it on the Mountain
Let there be Light                                                 https://youtu.be/1sRc6iXeOb4

 The Singing Santa ~
Christmas Sing-Alongs for Kids

Deck the Halls                                                        https://youtu.be/JmobFpgHes8  
Up on the House Top                                            https://youtu.be/PRXCAwOO_aM
What do I see on my Christmas Tree?                https://youtu.be/JlG2PVdZDlg
Winter Wonderland                                               https://youtu.be/X25Qc6xm1es
Twelve Days of Christmas                                    https://youtu.be/1jfWelGcZ0E
The Marvelous Toy                                                https://youtu.be/f8jhlZAfgME
The Friendly Beasts                                                https://youtu.be/4vOXPDp1h3g
Silver Bells                                                               https://youtu.be/MIet1_SEdr0
Jolly Old St Nicholas                                              https://youtu.be/FMDkRxiesWM
Little Drummer Boy                                               https://youtu.be/5p9Vzpp9T9M
Merry Christmas Medley                                      https://youtu.be/aw-5aNFJX8c
What do I see on my Christmas Tree
The Marvelous Toy

A Joyful Noise ~
Songs of Faith
MrDHBD Channel at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY_DlhWQTtbxRbxkI8Oo_7A

A Meeting Here Tonight
Give Yourself to Love
Shine on Me!
The Faith of Man
Do you have a Dream?/We Shall Overcome Medley

October Country concert ~
Songs for and about
Autumn, Time, and memories
Entire concert ( not broken into specific songs) : https://youtu.be/2JLB_xWQ-A0
Recorded: October 2, 2020 for the Wild Hog in the Woods Coffee House in Madison WI

Set List:  
All songs by David HB Drake (unless otherwise noted)

Fall is Here (Charlie Maguire)
October Country
There's a Dance Tonight (Mustard's Retreat) /
Golden Slippers (trad)
Poet of the Prairie
Prairie Twister
Dried Out (Gwendolyn Haste) / If Rain Don’t Come
River of Time
Winter Pole
Patchwork Quilt (Larry Penn)
Singing Rails
Homecoming Waltz

Father's Day concert ~
Songs for and about Dads

Gather The Family                                               https://youtu.be/3qr2QvAsFZw
Father's Day History                                            https://youtu.be/hvK0HqnpdHA
Father's Day                                                           https://youtu.be/-SdiLUbyryc
In My Father's House                                           https://youtu.be/mxuAJ2K7NGY
Daddy's Tools                                                       https://youtu.be/j2SebyzeCKw
Whittlin' Jim                                                          https://youtu.be/CkkbDw7Ixdg
Daily Grind                                                           https://youtu.be/tUtv5s5EuGY
Lucky Old Sun                                                     https://youtu.be/ms4b-gOYwL8
O Joseph                                                                https://youtu.be/OXTDXiU4Stg
Grandpa's Lullaby                                               https://youtu.be/wVwB0DuNaP8
Little Cowboy's Lullaby                                     https://youtu.be/YaOx__9hVdw
Daddy, What's a Train?                                       https://youtu.be/K4tP7E3Rq1Q
Dance Medley                                                       https://youtu.be/JtvmTeOyo0o
Old Zeb                                                                  https://youtu.be/6vZX7T0HEUg
Seafaring Men                                                       https://youtu.be/XKFzo6bkl8w
What a Wonderful World                                   https://youtu.be/Z1uVkS45EdQ

Sing a Song of Springtime ~
Spring, Easter
Entire program( not broken into specific songs) :

This program was recorded live from a Zoom performance for St. John's on the Lake in Milwaukee WI on April 13, 2021 celebrating springtime. In retrospect, it occurred to me that this program was also a showcase of songs by my "mentors" - the folksingers that have had the greatest impact on how and what I sing and my "go to" songwriters when I'm putting a general family program together. (There was also a Tom Paxton song included, but it was cut because of time constraints)

The songs include:
Shine On Me         (David HB Drake)
Circle Of Sun        (Sally Rogers)
All God's Critters (Bill Staines)
How can I keep from Singing? (Arrangement- Paul Stookey)
Faith of Man         (Bill Staines)
Go Tell it on Mountain (Arrangement- Peter, Paul and Mary)
Two-By-Two        (David HB Drake)
Well, Well, Well  (Bob Gibson)
When I'm Gone   (Phil Ochs)
Pussywillows, Cattails (Gordon Lightfoot)
Garden Song       (David Mallet)
Fields Behind The Plow (Stan Rogers)
Chalicestream Spring (David HB Drake)
Simple Faith       (Mustard's Retreat/
David Tamulevich and Michael Hough)


Traditional 4th of July, State Songs, Civil War, America-themed songs
Entire program (not broken into specific songs)
Recorded live July 3, 2021 at Steeple View Community, Muskego WI

AMERICAN SONGBAG is a walk through America’s rich history with singalongs that present a panorama of songs and stories that spring from our nation’s roots.

From immigrants who came to Ellis Island to Yankee Doodle, western expansion, songs of the people who built this country, and the songs of the great conflicts, these are the songs that make “This Land Your Land”.

David performs familiar and easily learned songs, poems, and stories while demonstrating many different historic instruments including banjo, dulcimer, concertina, Native American Flute, and guitar for groups of all ages. Folks of all ages are welcome to sing along with a patchwork quilt of songs that celebrate the very fabric of America and songs that changed our country.

The songs in this concert include:

The Power and the Glory (Phil Ochs)
Take me out to the Ballgame / The Old Apple Pie (Traditional)
I hear America Singing (Shel Silverstein)
Statue of Liberty Poem (Emma Lazarus)
Kingdom Come (David HB Drake)
When I First Came to This Land (Traditional)
Erie Canal (Traditional)
Buffalo Gals / O Susanna (Traditional)
Shenandoah (Traditional)
State song medley:
   Home on the Range(KS)
   Red River Valley (ND)
   Suwanee River (FL)
   Georgia on my Mind (GA)
   You are my Sunshine (LA)
   Illinois State Song (IL)
   Country Roads (WV)
   On Wisconsin(WI)
Yankee Doodle (CT)
Civil War Medley:
   O Freedom
   Rally Round the Flag
   Battle Hymn of the Republic
To work upon the Railway / I’ve been Working on the Railroad
July 4th Medley:
   My Country Tis of Thee
   God Bless America  (Irving Berlin)
   Grand Old Flag  (George M Cohen)
   Yankee Doodle Dandy  (George M Cohen)
   This Land is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)
   America the Beautiful
   The Power and the Glory (reprise)

Animal Faire~
A Menagerie of Songs about Animals

Entire program (not broken into specific songs) https://youtu.be/irCuxIZBpD8
Recorded Live June 24, 2021 at the Ethel Everhard Memorial Library in Westfield, WI

 Folksinger and storyteller David HB Drake presents “Animal Faire” – a menagerie of songs for the whole family. We’re “Going to the Zoo” to visit “My Rhinoceros” and go “Waltzing with Bears” at “The Animal Faire”.  Magical beasts like “Puff the Magic Dragon” play with “Jennifer’s Rabbit”
in songs performed on guitar, concertina, banjo, dulcimer, and Native American flute. This program was created for the 2021 "Tails and Tales" summer reading theme at Wisconsin public libraries.

This program was recorded at a live outdoor performance of "Animal Faire" at the Ethel Everhard Memorial Library in Westfield WI on June 24, 2021.

David HB Drake has been called “the real thing” –
a musician and historian steeped in the traditions and heritage of our Midwestern Experience.

The songs include:
A Place in the Choir (Bill Staines)
Animal Faire (Jesse Fuller)
Going to the Zoo (Tom Paxton)
My Rhinoceros (Ed Lipton)
Boa Constrictor (Shel Silverstein)
Teddy Bear's Picnic (Jimmy Kennedy)
Jennifer's Rabbit (Tom Paxton)
The Food Chain (adapted by David HB Drake)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (traditional)
There was an Old Woman who swallowed a Fly (Rose Bonne and Alan Mills)
Bingo (traditional)
How much is that Doggy in the Window? (Bob Merrill)
Waltzing with Bears (adapted from Theodore Geisel)
Can You? (Story by David HB Drake)
Many Many Cows ( Anna Lee Scully)
Two by Two ( David HB Drake)
Puff ( Peter Yarrow)
Old McDonald (traditional)

Dangerous Folk ~
Classic folk song Trio
Channel at:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiwqbXHrN1lwxlm_vU7FnkA

With Julie Thompson and Doug Esty:
Dangerous Folk Sampler
Meeting Here Tonight                                               https://youtu.be/wJ2CDPWK6d4
Big Yellow Taxi                                                          https://youtu.be/vK90CpzpKyQ
Country Roads                                                            https://youtu.be/gTCaFl0I-RA
Leaving on a Jet Plane                                               https://youtu.be/NZtLgYeynyY
Early Morning Rain                                                   https://youtu.be/7EW_i1ovQyE
Jamacian Farewell                                                      https://youtu.be/GilbNXlDAxc
City of New Orleans                                                  https://youtu.be/nWjhBOYVppg
Old Folksinger Medley                                             https://youtu.be/yDIoZWurFUQ
Today                                                                           https://youtu.be/YJN_xpiueao

With Julie Thompson and Cap Lee:
Big Yellow Taxi                                                          https://youtu.be/LgXxs3uObM8
My Youth is All Spent (Get Up and Go)                 https://youtu.be/1RHZ1_y3_jQ

Searching for a Better World~

Folk Music and the Search for a Better World      https://youtu.be/TwMnn82ikNE

"Folk Music and the Search for a Better World" is a workshop that David presented at the Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education ( https://wahceinc.org/) annual convention in Stevens Point WI on September 21, 2021. This is a statewide group with chapters in every Wisconsin county that works on local community issues and well being.

The object of the workshop was to show examples of folk music that have a strong message for a better world with some background on the songs, the structure of music, tips on how to make your own music and "song-finding" using traditional books and current search methods on the web.

David draws on songs and slides from his "Blowing in the Wind", "Potluck" and "Illustrated Songs" PowerPoint programs for the visuals and performs on guitar, banjo, dulcimer, and concertina.


Commercial as Santa for Eddie Martini's             https://youtu.be/Fqh1OyaWyyE

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